The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 was fully implemented in England, Scotland and Wales from 1st October 2011, and further information can be found on the here on the Legislation website. Final guidance has also been issued by BIS and is available to download on the Government website here. Whilst the guidance issued is intended to clarify the Regulations, it is the actual Regulations which have legal force.

Here at Acorn we worked for over 18 months to prepare for the implementation of the Regulations, looking at ways to mitigate any increased cost to our clients and raising awareness; indeed, you may have attended one of our regional seminars held during 2010. In addition, we worked closely with a number of the associated representative bodies which have been instrumental in shaping and communicating the Regulations and accompanying guidance. To this effect, we are confident that Acorn is well ahead of other agencies in both our understanding of the Regulations (implications for both us and our clients) and the effectiveness of solutions which we are able to offer.    

Acorn has developed a full AWR toolkit, to ensure compliance with the Regulations, and we believe that we have solutions to allow you to reduce your exposure to both significant cost increases and associated AWR claims, whilst allowing you to continue to enjoy the benefits of a flexible workforce provided by Acorn.

Our advice to companies is that you need to have a strategy in place with your agency, which provides you with the reassurance that you are fully compliant with the Regulations, through the provision of a tailored and cost effective solution that meets the ongoing requirements of your business.

All existing clients have been contacted by one of our fully trained Consultants to discuss their particular circumstances and requirements relating to the Regulations. If you are not currently a client of Acorn and are interested in meeting to find out exactly what we can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us.