12 smart tactics for your team during the World Cup

The World Cup has kicked-off, yet a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) showed almost nine out of ten employers still haven’t developed a policy to manage staff absence during the World Cup.


Teamwork - the only way to win

With the whole country going football crazy it seems that everyone has an opinion; from who should be in the squad, what formation they should use, to how good the ref’s decisions are? However, the one thing that everyone agrees on is that the only way to win is by working together as a team, sharing a combined vision of lifting the cup.


Are you a football lover or hater?

With the World Cup about to kick off, is the nation going to be split into football lovers or haters?


There’s now no doubting a sustained economic recovery is well underway

Matt Southall discusses the rapidly recovering economy.


Spring clean your career

Now that spring is in the air it’s naturally that time of year when you start thinking about making changes in your life. Spring cleaning your house or wardrobe is one thing but what about the important things in your life like making a career move or developing a new skill?


A day in the life of Acorn's customer service apprentice

Acorn’s very own customer service apprentice takes us through a typical day of working within the Marketing Department of a leading recruitment and training company.


Top tips for picking the right recruitment agency

You’ve made up your mind; it’s time to start looking for a new job, or another level in your career, so what is the next step?


Top tips for keeping your CV up to date

You wouldn't buy an expensive car and then never get it serviced; why? because it’s an investment and you want it to perform well over time. The same applies to your CV – if you want it to work hard consistently and get you that perfect job you need to invest time ensuring that it sells you and the skills you possess.


HGV drivers be aware!

It’s your responsibility to replace a lost, stolen or faulty Digi card!


Six top tips for getting your CV seen on-line

You have thought long and hard about what new job you would like and spent hours working on your CV making sure it reflects your personality and sells your skills to perspective employers. That’s a great start to getting your ideal job but how are you going to ensure that it will be found amongst the thousands of CVs out there on job boards and social media? This requires a bit of time and thought on your part but by following our tips below you should soon reap the benefits.