As one of the UK’s leading recruitment and training agencies, and a partner of choice for thousands of HR professionals throughout the UK, we often get asked ‘What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency on an exclusive basis?’ 

Over the last ten years, Olwen Kilgannon, Acorn’s North West Permanent Recruitment Manager, has developed long-lasting relationships based on trust, reliability and results, and can therefore demonstrate how essential it is to work with her and everyone at Acorn on an exclusive basis. 

You won’t miss out on the right candidate

When using multiple agencies there’s a risk of a lack of understanding of what is truly required.

The success of my recruitment career has been based on creating and continuously developing key relationships. We spend time upfront to understand your company and the roles available, which not only allows us to recognise the skills and experience required but also what personality traits are needed within the hiring team for long-term recruitment success. 

Having a thorough understanding of the job, company and culture ensures we can identify ‘hidden requirements’ of the hirer that aren’t always obvious in CVs – subsequently YOU won’t miss out on the right candidate. 

Timely, not constant, communication 

Working with a single supplier saves you valuable time by not having to speak to a number of recruitment consultants every day. We provide dedicated specialist Account Managers / Teams to manage your roles so you only ever have to have the conversation once. 

From the initial job request to your new employee’s first day, both you and the applicants will receive timely updates to ensure everyone knows what is happening at the essential points of the recruitment process, and we provide constructive feedback to both the employer and candidates for continuous improvement for all parties.

The in-effective recruitment race

Using multiple agencies at one time unfortunately results in a number of consultants racing to get as many CVs across to you as possible, simply leaving you to sift through too many CVs that quite frankly are a waste of your time.

We will only ever provide you with a shortlist of people, within an agreed timescale, that we’re confident are the right fit for your role and company.

Time is valuable so we endeavour to save yours with one point of contact, better shortlist of candidates, less interviews and no repeat hires. 

Protect your brand

Employers use recruitment agencies to reach a larger pool of candidates. This is great to increase brand awareness too - as long as your brand is in the right hands…

As an exclusive recruitment partner, it is my job to make sure you’re an Employer of Choice. We provide demographic, salary and competitor research to ensure you stand out as the leading employer to work for in your industry to attract the best employees. 

Whether we’re carrying out a discrete head-hunting recruitment search or a dual branded bespoke advertising campaign, our professional company values ensures we treat your brand with the same respect as our own. 

As an extension of your HR Department you receive 100% commitment from us to achieve the best results, and we therefore always ask for exclusivity to trust us to do our job the best way we can.

Let's be exclusive

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