David Sadler, our Head of IT Recruitment divulges his reasons for sleeping out this autumn in aid of charity. 

Tomorrow, myself, a team of directors and specialist consultants from Acorn, and a whole host of other business professionals, will spend a night sleeping outside at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff as part of Byte Night - the UK's largest sleep out, taking place in ten cities across the country. 

This year marks the first Byte Night event in Wales and I for the first time alongside 100 other business and IT-related professionals will be donning a sleeping bag under the stars to raise money for Action for Children.

Action for Children is a nationwide charity committed to safeguarding young and vulnerable homeless people and with an estimated 80,000 youngsters sleeping on the streets, events like Byte Night are more important than ever. 


Many businesses across Wales, including KPMG, Admiral, Barclays, Capital Network Solutions and of course, Acorn have signed up for the challenge.

But, why am I choosing to take part?

There is a saying that you're only two pay checks away from becoming homeless and so I'm extremely proud to be in a positon to be able to make a difference. I believe, as so many others do, that it's our responsibility to support young people in society who need it most. I'm delighted that Byte Night is coming to Cardiff, and by giving just one night of my time I really hope I can make a difference to ensuring more people have a safe and loving place to call home. 

It's also important to point out that Byte Night, in addition to supporting vulnerable people who need it the most, is a unique professional networking opportunity. There is an expanding and growing tech scene in Wales and I'm thrilled that I'm getting the opportunity to both reconnect and meet a range of ICT and finance professionals whilst making a real difference.

Wales is a passionate and generous county, and it's great to see so many businesses and individuals willing to play a role when it comes to helping those on the streets; Byte Night is a perfect fit. 

If you would like to find out more about Byte Night, please visit: www.bytenight.org.uk or to donate, click here >

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