Sarah Jones is our Head of Marketing at Acorn - leading our growing marketing team whilst working alongside Acorn’s Board to expand the company worldwide.

Did you plan a career in Marketing?

Not really. At school I was very relaxed and always did ‘just enough’ to see me through the next exam or coursework. It was only when I was at university studying Psychology that I started to really think about a career in Marketing. I knew most marketing jobs were in London at the time, so if I wanted to pursue this career and still live in Cardiff, I’d have to get ahead of the game.  In my second year of uni, I started researching Marketing and PR agencies in Cardiff and managed to get a week’s work experience at an agency in the summer. This turned into a six-week unpaid summer placement, which turned into a permanent job offer.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the people I see and work with every day. At Acorn, we have a really good Marketing Team who are specialists in their fields such as digital marketing, PR & comms, campaign and event management, design, customer profiling and research, etc. We’re a really close team and are constantly discussing new ideas, different techniques and measuring success – they make me want to achieve more every day!

What has been your biggest achievement in work?

I still have so much more to achieve so this is a tough question, but I was delighted and proud to be listed in the Wales Online 35 under 35 Top young professional women in Wales list. And of course, I’m proud of the path I’ve taken so far at Acorn – I started ten years ago as the Marketing Events Officer, and after a number of promotions I’m now the Head of Marketing working with a great team.

What’s the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in work?

There’s not ‘one occasion’ I can point out as an obstacle, but I do need to learn to switch off at times.  Marketing and recruitment never stops, so really my work is never done.  I care very much about the job I do, however we’re no good to any business if we’re exhausted, so I need to listen to my own advice and learn to be happy about what has been achieved, rather than worrying about what’s still left to do.

Do you think women have to choose between a career or a family?

I have a family and a career, however I know a lot of people who have the same – in my experience this is the norm now!  I’m not going to pretend it’s easy, especially as my children are so young at four and two, but I really enjoy working, and have always wanted a family, so I need to try and make the most of both.

What are your daily habits that ensure you have a productive day?

I try to plan my work on a daily basis – often sending myself mini to–do lists so I don’t get distracted, but these are very optimistic lists.

How can we can encourage more women to strive for senior roles in the workplace?

I support anyone striving for any goal they wish to pursue regardless of their gender. When answering the question about women however, I think more and more women are applying for senior roles naturally, but of course more flexible working opportunities will help this. Working for a recruitment agency, I know the importance of finding the right person for the role regardless of gender, and I’m looking forward to working with both men and women to achieve great things!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the world of work?

One of my key messages to anyone who will listen is ‘Never Stop Learning’.  With so many blogs, webinars and podcasts readily available in addition to books, we’re lucky to be in a position where we can constantly find out more and learn about the industries we work in. Don’t ever stand still!

How do you deal with stress?

Talking! Sometimes, I find myself stressing over something for days, however the minute I share it with my director, team, family or friends, it instantly feels less complicated. My husband probably gets the brunt of my most stressful times as I dissect the finest details of my day with him. I do like a glass of wine too!


You can find Sarah on Twitter at @SarahJonesUK.

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