As a leading provider of nursing and healthcare staff, we appreciate the hard-work and commitment of people like you and your colleagues who consistently strive to do a great job.

Recognising Acorn’s nursing & healthcare workers

In recognition of a job well done, Acorn has introduced a number of awards where all Acorn nursing and healthcare workers are invited to nominate a worthy fellow colleague.

The awards include:


  • Nurse of the Month Award

Have you recognised continuous hard work and support from a certain colleague? Why not highlight their efforts by nominating them as the Nurse of the Month?


Every Acorn medical worker could win these awards daily, however we know many of you go the extra mile when it comes to your commitment to work, and the people you care for. If a colleague appears to be the main motivator throughout the establishment, goes above and beyond their duties of care, or indeed always takes their role to another level, why not show them their worth by nominating them for one of the following awards.

  • Top Carer Award
  • Extra Mile Award
  • Motivational Award

How to nominate:

If you would like to nominate a fellow nurse or healthcare worker for any of the above awards, please email us here, detailing the category, nominee and reason for nomination.

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Fully regulated

Acorn is regulated and inspected by CSSIW for further information and to provide feedback, follow the links below.