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Acorn supports learning at work

It is more important than ever for companies and their employees to maintain and develop their skill levels and motivation to learn in order to adapt and thrive in today’s business world.

Learning at work isn’t just about formal training; it is about passing on skills and knowledge to your colleagues and in-turn learning from them.

This year, Acorn supported National Learning at Work Day held on 17th May, 2012.  This years’ theme was Learning for Growth and highlights how learning and development supports individuals and organisations to proactively deal with change, plan for the future and develop new ways of working and living to reach their goals.

To show our support we asked several people around the Group, who are involved in different types of training and mentoring, to share with you their top tips:

Time Management
"The great myth is that time management is about saving time, it isn't, time can't be saved.

It's about spending your time in the best way possible. My one time management tip would be to focus on your objectives, professional and personal, then to try to limit your activities to those that contribute to those goals wherever you can. Never forget how important your time is - shouldn't you be spending it on important things?"

Richard Bassett
Commercial Trainer - Acorn

Problem solving 
Effective problem solving is best achieved when it is based both on facts and is also team based. Leadership is a group activity and great leaders utilise their teams to solve problems; remember that many perspectives are better than one!

Fiona Argent
Head of Commercial Delivery - Acorn

Customer service
Remember that on average 7 out of 10 customers will do business with you again if you resolve a problem......95% of customers will do business with you again if the problem is resolved on the spot!

Fiona Argent
Head of Commercial Delivery - Acorn


Team Leading
A team leader’s role is to inspire; to awaken the ideas within each member of their team; this ensures that they may reach their full potential. My top tip for any team leader or manager is that you should give your staff wings, and then have the confidence to let them fly; keeping people in your team for your own benefit stifles creativity and advancement for both of you.

Claire Edwards
Commercial Trainer – Acorn

We learn best when we learn in an environment that is comfortable, one where asking questions is encouraged and not discouraged. Think of young people you know, they learn by asking numerous questions! Now think of your own school days; the teacher you liked most, or the lesson where you felt 'comfortable'; they would be the lessons you enjoyed, and learnt the most from. Top tip, let the person you are teaching express themselves fully and learn from them; that's how you will become an effective coach / manager.

Claire Edwards
Commercial Trainer – Acorn

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough we must do.

Kevin Probert
Business Solutions Trainer - Acorn

Knowledge retention is best when the learner is involved.

Kevin Probert
Business Solutions Trainer - Acorn

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