Advice from a French intern in Wales

Thanks to our international links, we were thrilled to welcome French intern Maxim to Acorn's award-winning marketing department. Before leaving us, Maxime shared some sage advice on how graduates can get the most out of their internship...

Advice from a French intern in Wales

One of the key experiences recommended during your time at university is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting your employability, especially as a marketing student. That’s why I chose to travel from my home in France and spend the summer as an intern in Acorn’s busy marketing department.

Set your objectives

When you begin an internship you must set some goals to be sure to achieve your aims. In my case, being a French student, I wanted to improve my English. Also, I wanted to gain experience in a large company. After working with start-ups in the past I wanted to understand how things work in a larger organisation. Finally, I wanted to develop my digital marketing skills. Acorn’s marketing team were recognised as the best in the UK recruitment sector in 2018, which represented a real opportunity for me.

Integrate with your team

Once your goals are clear you must participate in the teams’ dynamic. On my first day a mug, notebook and stress ball were waiting for me next to my computer — essential things to have a good, productive day. Though I felt welcomed, mixing with your new colleagues is harder when English isn’t your first language, but the team adapted to me well and helped me to understand the tasks assigned to me by speaking slowly.  


Advice from a French intern in Wales
Accept there will be challenges

One of the hardest moments during my experience as Acorn’s intern was the strategy ‘away day’. It was really hard to understand and participate in the meeting, the team were sharing ideas so quickly. It was frustrating that I wasn’t able to share all my ideas. However, throughout the meeting the team scheduled breaks to be sure I understood the biggest part of the meeting, and thanks to their patience, I felt I understood the most important points.

Share your strengths

The biggest part of my work at Acorn was to create a digital marketing report and find new ways for Acorn to stand out from its competitors, and it was definitely the most interesting task I undertook. The team gave me this assignment because I shared with them my passion for digital media and the experience I had creating motion graphics and digital assets for start-ups. So my advice would be to let your new team know what subject areas you are most interested in and what skills you can bring to the table.

Your native language can be a real asset

My French really helped the team and I was given the opportunity to help to develop ‘Le Club’, a big project that hopes to promote the business relationship between Wales and France. I created media content for Le Club’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages and researched new companies to join the association and I learnt a lot from this project.

Being French and arriving in a British company like Acorn wasn’t easy, but the marketing team took the time to integrate me and they made my experience a great one that I will remember. Thanks to them I learnt lots of things about marketing and about the UK and reached the aims that I set out before reaching the UK.

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