Beat the job search blues

Looking for a new job can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. The exhilarating thrill of a call-back is quickly followed by interview nerves, and if the result is not good news the process can leave you deflated.

Job hunting is intense. So when you are feeling down about your job search, how do you cope? For Stress Awareness Month we’ve put together some helpful advice to manage your job search effectively and land a new role you’ll love.


Set boundaries

When all your efforts and energy pour into finding your dream job, the search can spill over into other important areas of your life. Prioritise leisure time and activities you enjoy to break up the undertaking. Clear your mind to attack the search with renewed focus and tenacity.

Create a routine

Everyone is different. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, create a structure that works for you and stick with it. Set a goal for how many jobs you hope to apply to each week - this number should reflect your sector and the number of roles available to you – and set a realistic time frame for achieving that target. Perhaps for you, that’s two hours spent job searching every other day. Whatever works, map it out and know that during those hours, you mean business!

Spot the silver lining

Every interview is an opportunity to learn and many hiring managers will offer constructive feedback on your performance. Did you ask the right questions? Could you have been better prepared? Looking for a new job can feel like a constant lesson in dealing with rejection, but absorb the positives and you will grow in resilience until you get that role.

Be methodical

We often meet jobseekers trapped in a ‘throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick’ approach, particularly when they are not enjoying their current role or find themselves unemployed. But resist applying to every job that matches your skill set and research companies that fit what you are looking for. Keep a careful record of the positions you’ve applied for and who you are expecting to hear back from.

Get expert help

At Acorn we place 6,500 people into 1,200 different client companies every week and make 1,700 permanent placements each year. Our consultants are happy to advise you on suitable roles, improve your CV and expand your interview skills until we match you with your next role. With more than 40 branches across the UK, click here to find your nearest branch today.

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