Benefits of working with one recruiter!

Leroy Brito, Lead Recruitment Consultant for Acorn's specialist IT Recruitment Division explains why you should use just one recruiter for a tailored job search.

When coming up with the idea of this blog, it reminded me of a time a candidate commented that I was like her 'Football Agent' and that she would only work with me. Whilst it's very nice being compared to a Football Agent, there are a number of other reasons why I'm constantly advising my candidates to work with just one recruitment agency for the best job search results. 

And here they are:

  • Relationships
    If you work with a recruiter exclusively you can build a professional relationship where the recruiter has a true understanding of your career aspirations, both short and long term, current circumstances and what actually motivates you.
  • Transparency
    In my experience, when working exclusively with a candidate, we tend to have more time and focus together, and I am able to give them an unbiased view on the pros and cons of all of the opportunities that I present to them. When working with multiple recruiters you may be pressured into taking the first job offered to you.  Of course, any offer is great news, but we want to make sure you accept the right one.
  • Full view of the market and new opportunities
    It’s an assumption that by using lot of agencies, candidates will have more opportunities presented to them. In reality by working exclusively, the recruiter will not only present existing opportunities to you, but will also develop a long list of organisations you want to work with, and proactively approach them to create new options that don’t even exist yet.
  • Peace of mind
    By choosing a consultant who is an expert in your field, you will benefit from peace of mind that your job search is in good hands.  A specialist consultant will know your industry inside out, be aware of key business recruitment plans, and understand the level of skills and experience you have to offer ensuring you get the best package.


At Acorn, all of our consultants are experts in the industry they work in and you can trust your job search is being dealt with by a recruiter who is professional, knowledgeable and cares about your next career opportunity. 

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