Finding your first graduate job

Entering the world of work is no mean feat. Promising graduates that were big fish in the academia pond find themselves in a new talent pool, where competition is fierce.

This demographic may spend months applying for roles and attending interviews, often encountering rejection along the way. While disheartening, you’ll get there. These tips can help you on your way to the career you’ve always wanted.

Be confident

Your degree is proof that you spent three or more years working hard, developing skills that will benefit you in a graduate role - so be confident and sell yourself! Highlight any internships, voluntary work or experiences you’ve undertaken that showcase your passions and back up your skill set.


Ask the right questions

Hiring Managers want you to understand the company’s values before you get your feet through the door, so do your research! Look into the trends effecting your prospective employer’s sector and be aware of challenges at the top of their agenda. Relevant and compelling questions show your eagerness to work for that company.


Take a realistic approach

Most people won’t fall into their dream job straight after university. However, that’s not to say there aren’t great jobs out there that will pave the way and give you the experience you need. Graduates often struggle to begin their career due to a lack of experience, so say yes to practical opportunities and embrace learning experiences.


Become resilient

Getting rejected from multiple jobs can really get you down, but it’s important to stay positive. 329,325 graduates received first degrees in 2017 (Prospects) so competition is fierce. Completing job applications and attending interviews is great experience and builds confidence, so learn from each set back and take what you’ve learned with you to your next interview.



There are plenty of opportunities to build a network and LinkedIn is great place to find connections. Statistics show that around 39 million students and graduates are members of the online platform and 45% of graduates of recent graduates use it as their primary job search platform (Forbes). Unlike Facebook, keep your interactions professional and contribute to discussion of your sector’s trending topics. Take advantage of career fairs at university and research companies attending beforehand to pick a handful of companies to target.


Get specialist help

Using a recruitment agency like Acorn will not only help you obtain a role in your desired sector, but our expert consultants can help improve your CV, prepare you for interviews and advise you on which roles you’d fit best. Click here to find your nearest branch today.




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