Got a video interview lined-up?  Here’s our top tips on how to make it work for you!

With many companies recruiting via online interviews, Ryan Harris, one of Acorn’s Specialist Permanent Recruitment Consultants gives his top tips on how people can stand out from the crowd:

  • Environment:  Think about what’s in the background of your webcam and try to find a place where there is a blank wall behind you, or create one by taking pictures down. You want the interviewee to have all eyes on you and not be distracted if someone walks past in the background or more interested in your abstract wall art.
  • Clothes: Dress just like you would for an interview, each industry has different expectations for interview attire but don’t relax it just because it’s a virtual meeting -  first still impressions count.
  • Platforms: With so many different video platforms around, check well beforehand that you are setup with an account and that the software is downloaded ahead of time. Most platforms offer free accounts you could test with a friend or family member.
  • Timing: Don’t leave it until the last minute to join the video interview. As you would for a face to face interview, arrive on the  video call at least five minutes ahead of time.
  • Sound/Camera: Make sure your tablet/laptop or PC’s settings are correct to enable webcam and we suggest using headphones it boosts sound quality and avoids unnecessary background noise and feedback.
  • Battery life: Are you fully charged? You don’t want to get cut off just as you’re about to answer that amazing job-winning question.
  • Preparation: Do just as much interview preparation as you would if you were having a face to face interview. Don’t take a casual approach to the interview. This is still an interview. List out the questions you want to ask on a notepad and ensure you have a pen handy to make notes in case you want to ask something else.
  • Communication: Take your time be clear in your answers and, if you don’t understand a question due to quality of connection, it’s OK to ask the interviewer to repeat it.
  • And finally - take is seriously: Although you are having an interview from the comfort of your own home,  it is still an interview and you still want that job, so treat it as such.

Take a look at his video here:

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