LinkedIn vs CV

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn's popularity has increased over the last decade with over 200 million users to date. With this in mind, individuals and businesses are increasingly using the social network for business development, recruitment purposes and job searching.

Due to jobseekers becoming more tech savvy, LinkedIn is also becoming a popular platform for jobseekers to showcase their skills and experience, with many using their accounts as a downloadable CV.

This has brought forward the question, is LinkedIn replacing the traditional CV or are there still benefits to having both?

LinkedIn vs CV
Your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn showcases your potential to recruiters active on your network with one profile which is normally targeted to a primary audience. Your profile is used to attract employers to you, whilst it can be said your CV does the opposite.

Your profile is usually less formal with more room to elaborate on your professional skills and experience, whilst your CV is intended to demonstrate your value for specific roles.

Most importantly, your profile allows for recommendations from previous employers. You can interact with others, giving you the chance to inject more of your personality to both build and market your professional network.

Being on LinkedIn means you can incorporate and use your profile as part of your job search strategy along with your CV, seeking out job posts, doing your research for interviews, following industry trends and so on.

LinkedIn vs CV
Your CV

Your CV is a record of your employment history and achievements, and actively shows you are searching for a job. Most of us put it to one side until we need it. Remember that your CV should be tailored to meet more than one job.

Your CV has a lot in common with your LinkedIn profile with a focus on accomplishments, a personal statement and keywords relevant to the job you are applying for. Your CV should also have no conflicting information to ensure it compliments your LinkedIn profile.

So are there benefits to both?

Having a LinkedIn profile as well as your CV is a great way to highlight achievements from each job that you want to share, showcasing them in one place through projects, relevant case studies and videos.

LinkedIn allows you to step outside of your CV and present yourself to a wider audience via different mediums, allowing employers to learn more about you. However, we still need a CV as an introduction to an employer when applying for new roles.

No matter what method you use to apply for a role, an employer will always ask for a CV or covering letter. But it's not always CV first, LinkedIn second. In most cases, you will be found on LinkedIn primarily and then approached later, or found on LinkedIn after an employer as seen your CV or invited you for an interview.

Whichever way it is, make sure your CV is up-to-date and compliments your LinkedIn profile, you can do this by including a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV to encourage people to find out more about you.

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