The 5 most sought-after digital skills in 2019

Digital tech jobs have grown at more than twice the rate of those in non-digital tech sectors, and are forecast to increase by 20% over the next decade. New roles are emerging that demand new skills, and our clients are hoping to find them in candidates bursting onto the digital scene.

We recruit for a wide range of IT and digital jobs at junior, graduate, management and director level for organisations across the UK. Here are our clients’ most sought-after digital skills in 2019.


Knowledge of DevOps

DevOps brings together developers and operations teams to increase collaboration and boost productivity. This is achieved by automating infrastructure, organising workflows and consistently measuring application performance. Our clients need to use software and services with greater speed and flexibility, and so the demand for DevOps skills is increasing in the marketplace, along with competitors keen to land a top DevOps role.

Programming Expertise

Programming, especially with languages like JavaScript and Python, is in continually high demand. These languages build scalable applications and streamline processes across different systems. Coding was introduced to the National Curriculum in 2014, so those students that learnt how to implement algorithms and debug programmes are a talent pool for our clients.

Cyber Security Skills

UK businesses are under increasing threat from ransomware, data breaches and weaknesses in the supply chain. This rise in the infiltration of networks has led to a demand for cybersecurity expertise, including skills like intrusion detection, malware reversing and risk analysis. Our clients need to ensure they are protecting data stored behind the walls of their networks, since data protection is now a topic of international conversation.

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AI and Applied Machine Learning

Applications using AI and machine learning are on the up, and so is the need for people to design and develop these applications. If you are considering a career in this rapidly developing field, the opportunities are vast. As AI creeps into our daily lives via smartphones, streaming services and digital assistants and businesses explore AI as a means to cut costs and improve innovation, it’s a great time to get on board.

Cloud based solutions

Figures show organisations in the UK are overtaking the rest of Europe in cloud adoption with 41.9% of companies adopting some form of cloud service. This is compared with the average of 26.2% in EU nations. However, our clients are still searching for people with the talent and skills to oversee cloud environments. Succeeding its hype, cloud computing is everywhere, yet demand for cloud skills remains red hot.

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Dan Newton
IT Contract Consultant
As an IT Contract Consultant for our IT & Digital division, Dan manages all contract vacancies and assists the IT team in resourcing for permanent vacancies across South Wales.
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