The honeymoon phase is over | 6 signs it’s time to start that job search

Can’t shake the feeling you’ve fallen out of love with your job? If pessimism has replaced passion when it comes to your work, it might be time to start your search for the next challenge. If you’re not sure you are ready, these 6 signs might convince you.


1. The ‘Sunday Scaries’ are real

More than a vague regret the weekend is over, Sunday hits you with a feeling of pure dread and distraction. Recent figures reveal this is far from dramatic. In fact, many British workers are already worrying about the week ahead on Sunday afternoon*, losing almost an entire day better spent switching off and enjoying. When a role aligns with your core values and plays to your strengths, Mondays aren’t so bad. We promise.

2. The company culture isn’t for you

If you were dazzled by perks and rushed into a workplace that isn’t the right click, you might be left feeling disappointed. Our clients want to see that candidates fit both the role and organisation, so it’s important to know what motivates you ahead of your interview. At Acorn, we understand the importance of company culture and finding the perfect fit for clients and candidates alike. That’s why our consultants visit client workplaces to give you an honest insight into your next working environment.

3. You’re less motivated

You’ve tried the techniques proven to boost productivity, from taking regular breaks to avoiding multi-tasking, but mentally, your feet are out the door. Whether there are a number of reasons you’ve checked out, or you just need a change, we work with our clients to make sure their jobs and long-term development opportunities are the most attractive in their market, ensuring employees are engaged and justly rewarded for their hard work.

4. Can’t sleep?

It’s normal to lose sleep ahead of a looming deadline or important new business pitch. What is not normal however is a chronic panic about getting your work turned in on time. Over three-quarters of UK workers believe a bad night’s sleep causes their performance at work to suffer*, and this vicious cycle could be keeping you from reaching your potential.

5. Your friends and family are tired of your job complaints

A problem shared is a problem halved, and everyone needs a great support network. But for you, time spent with loved ones too often turns into a job rant. At first, your peers leant a sympathetic ear, offering advice on how to deal with difficult colleagues or navigate your way to that well-deserved pay rise. Now your venting is met with glazed expressions, or even resentment at having had their work reprieve disturbed. Sound familiar? It might be time to move on.

6. You question your salary

Struggle to stretch your funds to the end of the month? With tax deadlines and Christmas credit card bills making January the most difficult month to meet our budgets, you’re not alone. However, if you are making less than the current average, you have a strong case for a pay rise. We work closely with you and our clients to make sure salary and hourly rates are competitive. We know it’s not easy talking about money, so we’ll do it for you.  


What to do next?

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