Katy Jones, Account Manager for our Flint branch explores what we can learn about career motivation from the movies.... 

This Valentine’s weekend, whether you’re all set for your romantic night in with a classic romance or even a comedy, what can we learn about career motivation from the movies?

Rocky - never give up

This film has to be the ultimate not giving up movie! We see Rocky working and training to achieve his goal, using a positive mind set throughout. In the film, Rocky doesn’t just have to work for what he wants, he has to push himself to succeed and never gives up on his dream to become the world heavyweight champion. Another valuable lesson we learn is that winning isn’t everything, and there is more to life than just work.

The Devil Wears Prada - don’t compromise your well-being

Main character Andy is seen working herself into the ground in a thankless role, with a cold and demanding boss damaging her mental health along the way. The big takeaway from this movie? No job is worth sacrificing your well-being for - find a job that makes you happy, and where you get the support and satisfaction in your work you need.

9 – 5 - friendship equals motivation 

This film show’s what can happen when three very different women find themselves having work in common and a terrible boss. You don’t always get to choose your co-workers, but they are often the people you become great friends with as you see and speak to them every day! Having friends in work helps with overall happiness, and building bonds with others helps to boost motivation and engagement.

Up in the air - change can be a good thing

This is a great film about overcoming huge change such as redundancy. It’s really easy to get comfortable in a job you’ve been in for a long time, but no job is ever completely safe so why not do something you love? We see George Clooney losing his job in this film, and it helps us to remember that life changes like this can be just the beginning and that it’s never too late to change.

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Katy Jones
Account Manager
Katy is an Account Manager within our Flint office. Katy first started Acorn through an apprenticeship and quickly progressed to Candidate Manager and then Account Manager. Katy is on hand to help you with temporary work opportunities and is the key contact for many of our clients.
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