The mission

Every month on-site at the Cardiff Innovation Centre we will be hosting individuals looking to gain employment on the site or a career in construction in general. By engaging with these groups in a more thorough way and helping them understand the demands of the industry, we hope it gives them the best possible chance to gain employment and confidence to follow a career in construction.

The CIC Construction Employment Hub

Bouygues have formed a social value steering group and between them represents a huge number of individuals in Cardiff looking for careers, training, and employment in construction. This will provide an outlet for these individuals to engage with us on-site and give them the best chance to succeed.

Due to it being site-based, we will be looking to bring the different sub-contractors into each session to showcase their trade. Often it may be something individuals didn't even know existed and may inspire them to follow a path of training and employment.

The CIC Construction Employment Hub
How will it look?

Each month a group of between 6-16 will spend a day on-site at the training facility experiencing the following:-

  • A full site tour
  • Trade insight session - Drylining, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Cladding, Plant operations Teamwork tasks
  • Career planning session (accessing apprenticeships, HE, employment)
  • Preparing and taking part in an interview for construction
  • Construction worker Q&A-real life experiences
  • Greater number of energised and informed individuals interested in construction
  • Greater chance these individuals will be successful in construction employment
  • Delivery team will be able to feedback vital information to supporting agencies as to whether the individual they have referred would be suitable for training they have requested
  • Direct referrals can be made to companies with vacancies on the site, work experience
    placements or FE / HE establishments
The CIC Construction Employment Hub
Who will deliver this
  • Acorn Recruitment will coordinate the referrals on to the course and the organisation of training
  • Bouygues UK will provide the training facility on-site and will assist with site tours and engagement of the supply chain
  • Greater social value steering group and partners will help promote the course and will refer people on to it
  • Acorn will coordinate employment opportunities on completion




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