Olympics and Paralympics; get inspired to achieve your personal best

Over the past few weeks, the whole world has had its eyes on Brazil as sports men and women from across the globe took part in the Rio 2016 Olympics, and soon the world will turn their eyes to the 2016 Paralympics.

What these sportspeople accomplish is nothing short of amazing. Our very own Jason Kenny joined Chris Hoy as one of the most decorated British Olympians; Michael Phelps won his 23rd gold medal, and Simone Biles made an incredible debut at the Olympics by winning four gold medals.

The Olympics and Paralympics are a perfect example of what can be achieved through hard work, focus and commitment, and in this month’s jobseekers column for the South Wales Echo, Jon Romans, Acorn Recruitment Consultant based in Caerphilly, discusses the valuable lessons we can learn from these world-class athletes and how to achieve our personal best to succeed in our careers.

  1. Train for the Gold – Success doesn’t happen overnight. Whilst the Olympics come around every four years, Olympians don’t stop training during this time. The same can be said in your career -with blogs, podcasts and webinars within immediate reach, there is no excuse to ever stop learning something new to develop your career.
  2. Overcome hurdles – Nobody is perfect and we all lack confidence in certain areas of our jobs. For example, not many people enjoy making presentations, however whether it’s presenting to 100 people at a conference or just putting your opinion across to a few people in an interview, it’s important to face your fears and confront any insecurities.  Talk to the people around you including friends, family, colleagues, recruitment consultants, as they’ll no doubt have sound advice to keep your nerves at bay.
  3. Keep your eye on the finish line – Throughout your job search and ultimate career journey, there will be many ups and downs, set-backs, and increasing competition, and though some things may get you down, the best thing you can do is to stay focused on your end goal. Don’t confuse your job search by applying for too many jobs – prioritise the opportunities most suited to your skills, experience and needs, and amend your CV so it’s tailored specifically to each application. By having a clear job search and career plan, you will be able to stay committed and work towards your ultimate aim.   
  4. It’s a relay, teamwork is key – Once you’ve started your new job always remember that you’re not alone. Whilst it’s a good skill to be able to work independently, two heads can be better than one. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from a colleague or manager when required, and to offer your support to your colleagues if you think you can help them with something - showing you can work in a team successfully can also help demonstrate leadership skills and help propel you forward.

The Olympic and Paralympic athletes are a great source of inspiration, so why not follow in their footsteps, put in the hard work and extra hours so that you can achieve the very best out of your career.

Jon Romans is a Recruitment Consultant based at our Caerphilly branch.  He specialises in permanent and temporary recruitment within business development, engineering & technical and manufacturing, matching the best jobseekers to leading employers across South Wales.

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