Planning and making redundancies, or significantly reducing your temporary workforce, is one of the most stressful and hardest responsibilities a HR team and business has to face.  You will have gone through every scenario to see if another solution could work, however sometimes it simply cannot be avoided.

For 30 years, we’ve worked with businesses at the peak of their recruitment growth plans, however we have also been part of the darker days managing the sudden heartache of job losses for hundreds of people within a variety of industries.

By providing a specialist consultant, or team of consultants, who understands your industry we turn an extremely delicate and sensitive situation into a positive experience for all involved. 

We can:

  • Be part of your planning process and provide honest industry forecasts so you know what skills may or may not be harder to recruit again in the future.  
  • Be available either during or immediately after notifying your staff, so people feel supported and optimistic about the situation straight away.
  • Provide up-to-date insight on the jobs market, and potential opportunities and packages available in your industry.
  • Secure interest from a number of employers looking for the skills and experience your staff have to offer.
  • Identify career and industry transition opportunities.
  • Provide essential coaching advice so your staff stand out in their job search. Through our existing advice support videos and online blogs, or with group or one-to-one workshop sessions, we can provide key advice in the jobs market from CV writing and interview skills, to being mindful of someone’s digital footprint.
  • Register people immediately so no opportunities will be missed.
  • Find temporary work solutions for anyone who needs the regular income whilst looking for permanent opportunities.
  • Find temporary work for anyone who wants to benefit from the flexibility temporary contracts can provide.
You saved me from a lot, and I will never forget what Acorn did for me . I'm still paying my bills thanks to you and go home every day knowing I've achieved something.
Sales professional who was made redundant due to COVID-19
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