Acorn's parent company Synergie, announces 3% increase on turnover in 2019 year-end figures.   

Listed as the top fifth largest recruiter in Europe, and 15th globally, we're delighted that Acorn continues to contribute to the development of Synergie’s international performance.

Turnover was up 3% (2% on a like-for-like basis) to €2,642.3m. In France, turnover was up 6% to €1,280.7m while international turnover was up 1.4% to €1,361.6m.

Net profit, however, was down to €121.7m from €128.4m in 2018. In France, net profit was €70.3m.

Operating profit generated overseas came to €51.4m, up from €49.3m in 2018.



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