5G : How can recruitment benefit?

Media furor over the introduction of 5G in the UK has reached fever pitch, but how will it affect recruitment?
Acorn's Head of Talent Development Pavan Arora talks to Recruitment Grapevine on how 5G will transform aspects of the recruitment process.


5G – once a phrase only uttered by tech-heads dreaming of the future, the concept has stolen the limelight in recent months, and not necessarily for positive reasons. It was confirmed in early 2019 that the controversial China-based firm Huawei would have a hand in bringing 5G to the UK; mere days later, a government official in charge of the project was fired for authorising it. It’s fair to say, then, that 5G’s introduction has caused some controversy.

So what is 5G, and how does it relate to recruitment? Well, in layman’s terms, it simply means faster wireless internet for mobile devices. Much like 4G, 5G will increase speed and reliability for UK networks, and therefore has the potential to tighten the communication between recruiter and candidate – especially for those in rural areas such as Acorn Recruitment’s Head of Talent Development, Pavan Arora.


“We’re based in South Wales, and the Welsh capital [was] selected as one of the first UK cities to benefit from a 5G rollout.” “We have a close-up view of the start-up cluster and its effort to build the new age technology future proofing our infrastructure.
“5G is set to be a progressive tool for recruitment, transforming digital advertising and enabling our consultants to access more skilled candidates.”

Arora isn’t the only one that believes 5G will drastically improve certain aspects of the recruitment process; Ketan Dettani, CEO of specialist recruitment firm Buckingham Futures adds that faster and more reliable internet means more meaningful connections with candidates.

Dettani comments: “We would benefit from more real-time online interactions with customers, seamless video conferences with clients and candidates, as well as a more connected and efficient networks, where real-time interactions are enabled seamlessly. In recruitment, time is paramount, impacting on a business’s competition and adaptivity in the industry.”

However, whilst the general reaction to 5G seems positive, some, such as Gear4Music Head of Recruitment, Jack Fisher, believes that the media furore around the concept is, essentially, a lot of fuss over nothing.

“In terms of processes, I can’t see it making a huge difference,” says Fisher. “Tech is a great help, but this is an industry built on dealing with people.”

Will 5G really make a splash in recruitment? We’ll find out in 2020, when the initial rollout is planned.

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