Acorn's parent company shows sharp growth turnover

Acorn’s parent company, Synergie, a leader in Human Resources Management, has cemented its growth further with consolidated turnover of €1,798.9m in 2015, up 7.8% in relation to 2014, with continued strong growth internationally (+13.2%), ranking it the fifth-largest player in Europe.

At €875m (representing nearly 50% of total turnover), the international activity posted significant growth, notably in countries in which the Group is solidly established in regions that show strong economic potential, such as Italy (+22%), Belgium (+16%) and Spain (+16%).

Turnover in France came out at €923.9m (up 3.1%), with a sharp recovery in the fourth quarter, favouring profitability in particular.

Synergie aims to actively pursue its development in 2016; the growth seen in the first few weeks of the year confirmed the trend seen in the fourth quarter, with the group outperforming its historical highs and once again confirming the relevance of its strategic choices and the significant efforts made in growth sectors such as aerospace, renewable energies and specialised service businesses, (Open Centres, Global Cross Sourcing, etc).

The Group is also pursuing negotiations with several European networks to fill out its territorial coverage and range of activities. With this in mind, Synergie signed an agreement to take over 100% of a company whose network is mainly located in Bavaria (revenue of €25m), enabling it to double its presence in Germany.

This will enable it to extend its offering for large continental accounts while maintaining good proximity in both geographical and human terms, a key factor to be able to deliver services that meet the requirements of all clients.

On the back of this performance and its solid financial position, Synergie aims to generate turnover of €2 billion over the current financial year.

Matt Southall, Acorn’s Group Managing Director, said: “we are thrilled that here in the UK, Acorn is well-positioned to continue making a significant contribution to the on-going achievements of Synergie.

“Last year, we witnessed a raft of highlights, ranging from our acquisition of B2B Engineering, a Perth-based oil & gas specialist, launching our Senior Executive Search Division and landing a place on the prestigious Crown Commercial Service framework.

“We remain fully committed to providing the highest possible standards of service and work tirelessly to achieve outstanding results for our clients – this year will be no different.”

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