National Apprenticeship Week: Natalie Niering

It's no secret apprenticeships improve the bottom line for companies; they deliver real returns by improving productivity, whilst developing and motivating employees.

Acorn, one of the UK's leading multi-specialist recruitment and training companies, leads by example when it comes to work-based training such as apprenticeships. They recruit a number of apprentices within the business throughout the UK, and are incredibly passionate about the benefits of upskilling existing staff. 

National Apprenticeship Week: Natalie Niering

A fantastic example of how successful and transferrable work-based learning can be to both an individual and a business is Natalie Niering who first joined Acorn as an Apprentice Administrator. 


21-year-old Natalie from Cardiff, South Wales studied Art, Design and Fashion before deciding she wanted to change paths and pursue a career in finance and administration, joining Acorn in August 2014.

Joining Acorn as an Apprentice Administrator, Natalie quickly showed her enthusiasm and commitment to her career by completing the Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship two months ahead of schedule, and as a result of her hard work has been taken on as a full-time permanent employee, working for Acorn's Payroll Department as a Payroll Administrator.

Natalie said: "I left education wanting to pursue a career in payroll and finance. I was ready to work, however without any work experience I just didn't know where to start when applying for a job. Acorn's Apprentice Administrator role was perfect; not only was it a great opportunity to work for a reputable business, but it was the perfect start to my career, as they didn't expect me to have any experience - Acorn knew I would gain through this work-based training.
Direct benefit to daily role

"The programme has not only allowed me to develop skills which I now use every day in my permanent role, but has developed my confidence to carry out the work and advise other colleagues. I worked closely with my supervisor to ensure the units I chose had a direct benefit to my day-to-day role, and the overall company objectives, and as a result I now play a pivotal part in Acorn's payroll system, which pays nearly 6.500 agency workers every week.

"I am excited about my career prospects at Acorn, as since completing my first apprenticeship within the company; I have progressed into studying a Level 3 Apprenticeship, securing transferrable payroll and finance skills in the process."

Acorn's Commercial Director, Sarah John, said: "apprenticeships offer a range of businesses the opportunity to employ new staff in a cost-effective way and also ensures that existing employees remain passionate, focused and possess the skills needed to achieve long-term company goals.

"It's important to remember that apprenticeships are not just about young people; they are avaliable at all levels and across a huge variety of sectors, including in Insurance, Accountancy, Management, HR and Retail disciplines. By investing in this type of training, companies are more likely to retain existing talent, benefiting from improved succession planning.

"More and more companies are embracing the value of apprenticeships. Recent research shows that 77% of employers believe that apprenticeships actually make their organisation a more competitive business which is truly testament to how successful work-based learning can be if exercised."

Mae'r Rhaglenni Prentisiaeth, Hyfforddeiaeth a Thwf Swyddi Cymru, a arweinir gan Lywodraeth Cymru, yn cael cymorth ariannol gan Gronfa Gymdeithasol Ewrop.

The Apprenticeship, Traineeship and Jobs Growth Wales Programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund.
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