Sharing success on International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, so some of our colleagues from Acorn have shared their experiences, success, tips and insight into the different industries we work in… 

Sharing success on International Women's Day

Maria Larcombe (Director of Operations, South)

 “I started as a receptionist at Acorn 21 years ago — since then I’ve progressed to where I am now, from being a consultant and branch manager, setting up our managed services model, moving on to divisional manager before ending up where I am now as an Operations Director.

My top advice to any of my team is never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself — and remember that you’re only ever as good as your team!”

Sharing success on International Women's Day

Lawrence Beach (Construction, Mechanical & Engineering Division Manager)

“There’s a significant lack of women in this sector, which at Acorn we're determined to change. 

“Next month we're holding a ‘Women in Construction’ event with The Wallich, where a panel of women in the sector will share their experiences and inspire others to consider a career in construction.

“It's a thriving industry with so many different job opportunities so we encourage anyone, men and women of all ages to get in touch to discuss their potential.”

Sharing success on International Women's Day

David Sadler (Head of Key Client Solutions)

“There’s definitely a shortage of women in the IT sector and it’s something we’re working on changing here at Acorn. The industry is huge and there are so many opportunities to get involved.

"Perceptions need to be changed at an earlier age. IT needs to be introduced more as a potential career between the ages of 8-14, and initiatives like STEM are starting to make a difference.  

“When it comes to qualifications, a lot of people don’t realise that you don’t necessarily need a computer science degree to have an IT career anymore either – degree subjects like Maths & Physics are completely transferable and can help you gain entry into this sector.” 

Jan Hughes (Director, Executive Search)

"What am I most proud of? Running my own specialist accountancy recruitment agency for 13 years, with a turnover of up to £2m."

Natasha Hardy (Area Manager)

"It makes me proud that I’ve won Manager of the Year twice as well as Branch of the Year – and I’ve been to New York and Venice because of my sales achievements!"

Nikki Overbury (Branch Manager)

"My biggest workplace inspiration is definitely my director. She’s built an amazing career at Acorn over more than 20 years and I really admire her. I've been here for ten years now and it's a big reason why my consultants joined us - for the opportunities!"

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