Urgent request from Acorn's Group Marketing and Communications Director, Dan Langford.

Very much hope you're all keeping safe and your business is coping during these unprecedented times.

As it will be for many of you also, things are pretty intense here at Acorn – a significant proportion of our teams now working remotely and dealing with increasing (urgent) requirements of many of our clients, particularly of course in public services, the NHS, in retail, manufacturing (food / medical supplies), logistics, driving and so on – primarily for short-term / temporary support but also through our digital / online capability, we’re keeping many permanent recruitment requirements going as well.

Urgent appeal for people to get in touch!

Have to say, the energy here is quite amazing – colleagues right across the business putting so many hours in, including evenings and all this weekend – certainly a huge sense of purpose driving everyone; doing what we can to support urgent / front-line services as well as providing vital back-up to supply chains, maintaining essential stocks levels on retailers' shelves – yes it is our business, it’s what we do, but it's not often we've had to respond in the way we are currently – it’s been exceptional.

Hence why I’m writing; to ask for your help if possible – if through your business, your networks, or family and friends, you are aware of anyone who is looking for immediate work then please direct them through to us (go to – the above activities require as many people as possible, and as urgently as possible. The jobs may not be what some people are used to doing but it is immediate paid work, and they would be contributing to the huge effort required to bring some stability and support to suppliers, and front-line services.

And please be assured that we’re here if your business needs us also – if you're experiencing staffing difficulties or increasing demand / pressure for your products and services - we’ll do all we can to help and be flexible during these difficult times - just let me know if you need anything, and I’ll ask one of my colleagues to follow up without delay.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this – stay safe and very best wishes to you all as together we try see off this dreadful situation as swiftly as possible.
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