What can Euro 2016 teach us about teamwork?

With Euro 2016 fully in swing, the whole of Europe is waiting to see which country will triumph with bated breath. Of course, for Wales, it’s the first time in 58 years we’ve qualified and the squad’s performance to-date has been incredible. Whilst spectators are cheering on footballers such as Gareth Bale, Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsey, it’s easy to forget that there is also a dedicated team made up of coaches, physiotherapists, analysts and others who make a huge contribution off the pitch, to the team’s success.

In the latest of our monthly columns for jobseekers, John Donelon, a Recruitment Consultant based in our Cardiff Branch offers a number of tips that we can take from the Euros to help you successfully play your part in a wider team.

  1. Don’t end up offside – remember, being part of a team can be a trial and error period and that’s perfectly ok. You have been hired because you are capable of doing a job, and while it is a great skill to be able to work independently, remember two heads can be better than one. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from a colleague; the more input you receive the more chance you have of producing great results.
  2. Communicate regularly – communication is key and arguably the most important factor for good teamwork. By ensuring you communicate regularly, you and your team are much more likely to meet end goals with ease. Regular updates are also a fantastic way to ensure that no tasks are missed.
  3. Support your team – like a squad, it’s crucial that you share the workload within your team – remember, there is no “I” in team. If you’re in a situation that allows for equal responsibility, there is no reason why anyone should take on more than their fair share. If everyone is pulling their weight, it will have the added benefit of keeping morale up.
  4. Make sure you are all working towards the same goals – ensure that the team you are working with are all fully aware of what objectives need to be met. Hard work is pointless if you’re not all on the same page so it is crucial that all passes and kicks made are in common agreement.
  5. Don’t bale – being part of a team isn’t always smooth sailing. There may be issues you come across that trip you up or tasks you find particularly demanding. Don’t let this put you off, throw yourself into every challenge you are given and you will reap the rewards in return.

John Donelon is a Recruitment Consultant working for our Cardiff Branch. John places jobseekers in a variety of office, marketing and hospitality roles whilst guiding them through the recruitment process.   

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