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11 August 2023

Is your recruitment strategy costing you good candidates?

Is your recruitment strategy costing you good candidates?

ecruitment often falls to people in quite varied roles such as operations teams and HR professionals. Take HR, there are many different responsibilities including employee wellbeing, training, working practices etc. Recruitment can take up many hours in your week, even more for that hard to fill a position or when roles are required at short notice.

Many people enter into the HR profession as it’s a chance to help people to develop, shape company culture and really influence strategic business decisions. Of course, recruiting for talented employees is a large part of that as people are a company’s greatest asset, however, if you could take away the time-consuming elements of the recruitment process, leaving you with a shortlist surely it creates the opportunity to really focus on why you took on the role?

Being embedded in the recruitment industry and local communities for over 25 years, and with strong candidate networks we have calculated how much time we can save:

  • 25 hours per week for temporary jobs
  • 70 hours for every permanent placement
  • 1,900 hours per year for on-site temporary workforce management

So all these hours are not just admin tasks, they take into account all the extras you’d love to do within your recruitment process but don’t physically have the time or budget for such as advertising on multiple job boards and an online, bespoke marketing strategy.

To be able to continuously improve your company and keep retention high, it’s essential that the recruitment process is a finely tuned, modern and brand-friendly process.

So, if you’re finding yourself sifting through hundreds of CVs, planning hours of interviews or constantly managing absenteeism, we’d love to discuss how we can help.