With 30 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, we’ve seen many ups and downs but of course none quite like we’re all experiencing now.  With so much uncertainty, we know companies like yours are assessing every element of your business to survive over the next few months, let alone the next few years, and will therefore be looking ahead at your staffing needs.

From our own client base, we have many businesses who have seen huge demand and need increased temporary workers and permanent employees to reach new targets, however unfortunately we’re also working with clients who have to reduce their headcount and are therefore coming to us to support their redundancy plans to ensure their staff get the best support possible with their job search activity.

Whatever your recruitment needs are, we’re here to provide key advice and support for you and your staff.

Increased activity

Whether you need more staff to cope with increased demand, or to cover sickness due to people shielding or having to self-isolate for two weeks at a time, we have people available to start immediately. 

We appreciate that more people will need to isolate suddenly once the track and trace system is in place, so we can be on hand for whenever you need cover to ensure minimal disruption to your business. 


Revised priorities

In the event that you’ve had to temporarily offer a different product or service, or need expert skills to ensure your company can operate online, we have specialist recruitment consultants who can find the people and the skills you need to support your new priorities.

Whilst for many years industries have struggled to find certain people for skilled roles, we have many professionals reaching out to us for work. We can also provide key on-boarding recruitment support.


Redundancy / outplacement support

By providing a specialist consultant, or team of consultants, who understands your industry we turn an extremely delicate and sensitive situation into a positive experience for all involved.  We can:

  • Be part of your planning process and provide honest industry forecasts so you know what skills may or may not be harder to recruit again in the future.  
  • Be available either during or immediately after notifying your staff of their redundancy, so people feel supported and optimistic about the situation straight away.
  • Provide up-to-date insight on the jobs market, and potential opportunities and packages available in your industry.
  • Secure interest from a number of employers looking for the skills and experience your staff have to offer.
  • Identify career and industry transition opportunities.
  • Provide essential coaching advice so your staff stand out in their job search. Through our existing advice support videos and online blogs, or with group or one-to-one workshop sessions, we can provide essential advice in the jobs market from CV writing and interview skills, to being mindful of someone’s digital footprint.
  • Register people immediately so no opportunities will be missed.
  • Find temporary work solutions for anyone who needs the regular income whilst looking for something more suitable.
  • Find temporary work for anyone who wants to benefit from the flexibility temporary contracts can provide.
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