ALuK logoAcorn was contracted by ALUK (GB) Ltd on a retained basis to search and select a Finance Director. 


The quality of a Senior Management Team is essential to the performance and future success of any company, so when ALUK (GB) Ltd needed to recruit a Finance Director they were keen to use the most experienced recruitment agency who could specialise in this high level appointment.

ALUK (GB) Ltd, who is responsible for manufacturing aluminium building systems across the UK, chose Acorn to source their new Finance Director and therefore tasked us to provide a short list of the most experienced and professionally suited candidates.

Why Acorn?

Acorn’s Senior Executive Search Division, headed up by Paul Bennett, has the expertise and knowledge required to identify high-level candidates and understands the qualities and skills required to fulfil the Financial Director’s position with ALUK (GB) Ltd.

Paul, with 25 years’ experience of working within the recruitment industry, has worked with senior management teams from a range of sectors and industries covering all sizes of businesses, and as a result of his and his teams’ experience, ALUK (GB) Ltd felt confident that we could deliver.

The challenge

Acorn’s Senior Executive Divison was commissioned to source a Finance Director on behalf of ALUK (GB) Ltd. The successful candidate, who would be working with the Managing Director, Operations Director, Technical Director and Commercial Director, needed to not only have the experience and knowledge to carry out the senior role, but the correct personal attributes to fit within the senior management team and the wider corporate culture..


Acorn agreed clear objectives to provide ALUK (GB) Ltd with:

  • A dedicated team of specialist recruiters to understand the role and company requirements, in order to deliver the most efficient recruitment process saving ALUK valuable time and money.
  • A short list of strong candidates who had been fully informed of the job and company expectations, and who had the capability to be a vital component of the company’s Senior Management Team.
  • Expert advice and support throughout the interview process.
  • Clear communication channels for ALUK (GB) Ltd and potential candidates.


Acorn developed a flexible approach, providing a robust tailored solution giving expert support and advice, that ensured the recruitment process was quickly and successfully completed.

At the outset, Acorn’s Senior Executive Division invested many hours reviewing ALUK (GB) Ltd’s requirements and identified that the appointed candidate would not only need to be well qualified but also, working close with the Managing Director, would be able to contribute to the strategic and operational management of the company. Acorn also identified key skills and personal attributes that a Finance Director needed in order to be a strong leader and add strategic value to the organisation.

Following the Managing Director's approval of the job description, Acorn promoted the position using the most up-to-date and innovative attraction methods to ensure optimum candidate acquisition, including relevant social media platforms and Acorn’s Senior Jobs designated Twitter page.

As part of the process, we utilised Paul’s years of experience and networking to reach out to various candidates who were already in financial positions, to identify any who may be interested in the ALUK (GB) Ltd role.

Each candidate was fully briefed on the expectations of the role, the benefits package on offer and given a clear insight of the company’s values and objectives.

Due to Paul’s knowledge, he was able to provide an agreed short list of candidates, all of whom came from senior finance roles within South Wales and South West leading companies, who had the skills required together with the personalities and attributes needed to blend well with the Senior Management Team.

Following the initial interview stage three candidates were selected to be interviewed by all members of the senior management team. Following a further round of interviews with both ALUK (GB) Ltd’s senior management team and their parent company, the successful candidate was identified and offered the role. This was accepted immediately.


The entire recruitment process of sourcing a Finance Director for ALUK (GB) Ltd proved to be an incredible success; Acorn was pro-active in sourcing a strong list of candidates, communicating with all parties involved and ensuring all targets and timeframes were met. This process saved ALUK (GB) Ltd valuable time and allowed them to appoint a Financial Director quickly and effectively.
As a result, foundations have now been laid for a successful long-term working relationship between Acorn and ALUK (GB) Ltd.

In brief

  • Acorn was contracted on a retained basis to source a skilled Finance Director for ALUK (GB) Ltd.
  • ALUK (GB) Ltd was provided with tailored support, expert advice, candidate contact, client briefing and content specifications.
  • A short list of high calibre candidates was sourced.
  • A Financial Director was appointed quickly and efficiently.
  • A long-term working relationship was established between Acorn and ALUK (GB) Ltd.

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