As one of the UK’s leading recruitment companies, it is our responsibility to ensure we provide a safe and positive space for everyone to feel encouraged and confident to apply for the job opportunities we have to offer.

We wholeheartedly embrace equality, diversity and inclusion and work closely with employers to make sure all our recruitment methods reach the most diverse range of potential applicants, and appointments are based on non-biased selection.


Acorn's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

Acorn’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Steering Group consists of a number of employees from around the business to ensure our EDI commitment is spread across all the specialists sectors and areas we work in.

Chaired by Pavan Arora, Director of Permanent Recruitment, the group meets regularly to discuss continuous improvements to act upon, and demonstrate our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Our strategic mission 

The responsibilities of Acorn's Steering Group members, and all employees, are to:

  • Reflect and action necessary initiatives on experiences, knowledge and data gathered.
  • Continuously innovative in our recruitment approach, strategy and technology to support and encourage inclusive and transparent bias free processes in consultation and partnership with our clients.
  • Develop robust pipelines of talent with protected characteristics across all our specialist industries throughout the UK.
  • Create, develop and promote partnerships with local, national and international groups, committees and businesses who share our goal for complete equality, diversity and inclusion. 


Meet Acorn's EDI Steering Group members

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Pavan Arora, Director of Permanent Recruitment and Chair of our EDI Steering Group - As well as driving our promises and actions for complete equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace through to all our Permanent Recruiters based throughout the country, he also represents specialist industries such as Legal, Accountancy & Finance, Life Sciences and Energy during our steering group discussions.  

Christian Ash, Director of Operations (North) - Sitting on Acorn’s Senior Management Team, Christian represents his fellow Area Directors, feeding back essential discussions and activity so our promises and movements are recognised and supported at every level of the business to deliver a unified message.

Christina Harris,  Digital Marketing Executive - Managing our candidate attraction activity, Christina ensures we reach and engage with the widest and most diverse audience so everyone is aware of our job opportunities.

Christopher Bromfield, Innovation Manager - Chris’ innovative drive allows Acorn to stay ahead of all technology, and we therefore use this experience and knowledge to create advanced tech solutions to assist our recruitment and hiring processes.

Danielle Mohammed, Head of Marketing - As Head of Marketing, Danielle is best placed to create effective partnerships with companies and communities who share our goals for equality.

Emily Meredith, HR Manager - To lead from the front we must start from within, and therefore Emily has an essential job to represent all Acorn employees and drive equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the business.

Gavin Pritchard, In-house designer - Through exciting and effective design, Gavin makes sure our key messages are clear both internally and externally.

Jon Lord, Commercial Manager - Overseeing multiple accounts and managing branches, new business and client relationship activity, Jon represents the thousands of agency workers we place every day, and all his colleagues based throughout the Northern region.  

Lawrence Beach, Operations Manager - Representing the Construction, Mechanical & Electrical industries within South Wales and the South West of England, Lawrence makes a huge difference within the industries he works in and has already made significant changes to gender equality within construction.  

Ryan Lewis, Team Leader, Tech & IT - Ryan is a significant influencer within the IT & Tech industry and is therefore essential to represent this ever growing sector, which is vital to the growth of every business.

Sarah Langan, Account Manager - Sarah is the spokesperson for every consultant and recruiter throughout the South West and South East of England, and across a variety of industries such as commercial, manufacturing, industrial and engineering.

Steve Newman, Bids & Tenders Manager - Steve is superbly positioned to demonstrate to employers what Acorn can do to support their equality and diversity activity, so they too can reach and attract employees who can contribute to their goals and business success.

Acorn: Taking action

Acorn regularly hosts events and provides industry insight to demonstrate our activity and commitment to complete equality, diversity and inclusion in the work place.  We also work in partnership and support a number of local, national and international groups, committees and businesses who share our goals.

Policies & Legal Statements

Click here to read through Acorn's Policies and Legal Statements. 

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