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27 September 2023

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

One of our core values is to uphold responsible and fair business practices. It is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in relation to all of its business activities. 

Its reputation for maintaining lawful business practices is of paramount importance and the Company therefore is committed to acting fairly and with integrity in all of its business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems to counteract corruption and/or bribery.  Acorn by Synergie ensures that all possible steps are taken to prevent bribery and/or corruption in our business and to comply with relevant legislation, by:

  • ensuring compliance with anti-bribery laws, rules and regulations, not just within the UK but in any other country within which the Company may carry out its business or in relation to which its business may be connected; and
  • enabling any Relevant Person to understand the risks associated with bribery and to encourage them to be vigilant and effectively recognise, prevent and report any wrongdoing, whether by themselves or others; and
  • providing suitable and secure reporting and communication channels and ensuring that any information that is reported is properly and effectively dealt with; and
  • creating and maintaining a rigorous and effective framework for dealing with any suspected instances of bribery or corruption.

All individuals associated with the Acorn Group are required to take whatever reasonable steps are necessary to prevent, detect and report any suspected bribery and/or corruption.  If you know or suspect that any individual associated with the Company (employee, worker, contractor, supplier, client etc.) plans to offer, promise or give a bribe or to request, agree to receive or accept a bribe in connection with the Company’s business, you must report this on the SYNERGIE Integrity Platform Line immediately:


This is a secure whistleblowing platform which will allow for a full investigation to be completed into any allegations of bribery and/or corruption which are reported and appropriate action then taken as necessary.  This may include either reporting the matter to an appropriate external government department, regulatory agency or the police and/or taking internal disciplinary action against relevant employees and/or terminating contracts with associated persons.