Looking for great temporary worker benefits? Switch to Acorn by Synergie!
15 March 2024

Connect on the go with our new app

Acorn Connect is our new app which empowers you to take charge of your work life, offering a user-friendly platform that streamlines communication and enhances your overall experience.

Designed to empower you, this user-friendly platform promises to elevate your experience by simplifying communication and consolidating all your shifts in one convenient space.



Features and benefits

Before you get started and download the app, read through the features...


Request Shifts

Take control of your schedule by easily requesting shifts that suit your preferences.


Respond to Consultant-Generated Shifts

Swiftly respond to shifts sent by your consultant, ensuring efficient and timely communication.


Calendar Overview

Gain a comprehensive view of all your planned shifts with a user-friendly calendar feature.


Notification Alerts

Stay in the loop with timely notifications prompting you to take action when needed.


Feedback Mechanism

Share your thoughts on shifts, whether positive or constructive, to keep us informed and improve your experience.


Profile Updates

Keep your information current by effortlessly updating your profile within the app.


Compliance Ticket Management

Seamlessly handle compliance tickets to ensure you're always on top of necessary requirements (e.g. uploading documents for work).


What do I need to do?

Step 1 - Download the app 

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Step 2 - Contact your Acorn representative to activate your account