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19 July 2023

Acorn by Synergie Rewards

Work for Acorn by Synergie? Register and you've got it!

Save money at thousands of retailers from; supermarkets and popular retail brands to independent shops and restaurants. You can get money off, or cashback, when doing your weekly supermarket shop, buying your morning coffee, going to the cinema, booking a holiday or buying new TV, and more!

There are lots of different ways to save money; digital vouchers, reloadable cards, cashback, vouchers etc. and there are 2000+ retailers to choose from. 


How do I sign up?

The week after you are paid for the first time by Acorn by Synergie, you will receive a registration email. You then need to activate your account and download the corresponding app (Saving Space). The app is available on the Google and Apple app stores. You just need to activate the app account using an activation code which is generated via your web account. 

When you start saving, you can see how much cashback you have in your pot. You can redeem the pot at any time (as long as there's more than £5 in there), or you can save towards something bigger e.g. Christmas or a holiday. 


Visit the website


Customer support

If you have already set up your account and have a query, please email [email protected]