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11 August 2023

The best times of year to job search

If you’re considering a career change, it pays to be strategic. So when should you kick your job search into high gear, and is there a specific hiring season?

Applicants often wonder if there is a best time of year to advance their career, and the short answer is yes. While hiring undoubtedly takes place all year round and it’s always worth keeping in touch with your agency, some opportunities are easier to come by in certain months.


New Year, new you. January and February.

January and February are two of the best months to look for permanent, full-time opportunities. Companies receive revised budgets and begin to decide where new team members are needed.

Of course January starts slow for most people, but as holidays wrap up and employees begin to organise their workflow the opportunities are plentiful. In fact many of our clients delay hiring during December, meaning we see our January and February job postings soar.


Spring into action! March, April and May.

Spring is still a good time to apply for your next role, but it’s worth noting that permanent roles are typically filled in the late winter surge or early spring.

April and May however will yield more temporary opportunities, as many clients in sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, and hospitality must cover permanent employee’s holidays or accommodate for a rise in seasonal business.

The benefit of applying for a job during May is the sense of urgency. With holidays on the horizon for hiring managers and decisions makers, the process moves at a faster pace than other times of year, increasing your chances of winning the job and getting on board quickly.


School’s out for summer. June, July and August.

A summertime search might not yield the best results as companies usually spend their human resources budget before the summer hits and instead prioritise preparing reports for the board to review in Autumn.

That being said, this is an opportune time to do your research before reaching out. Examine the environment, carefully curate your resume, and get clear on what you want from your next role. Reaching out to a recruitment partner and taking these crucial steps will stand you in good stead when companies begin hiring and competition gets fierce.

However, the summer slowdown doesn't mean that there are zero jobs, nor does it mean you won't find a great opportunity. You just have to search harder, and this is where the support of a recruitment consultant can help. Our consultants are keen to learn how they could help you and actively search LinkedIn for potential candidates, even during the hiring freeze.


Ch-Ch-Changes. September and October.

Autumn represents the final hiring spree of the year. Again, holidays wrap up, children go back to school and everyone settles into their natural rhythm feeling refreshed and relaxed. Less holidays taking place equals more availability to arrange interviews and a hiring process that is smooth-running and efficient. Firms are likely to onboard new hires quickly to get teams fully resourced for autumn and the approaching holiday season.

Many hiring managers face pressure to fill positions that have remained free throughout the year or lose them entirely - while also pressed to fill vacancies from those who left soon after being hired earlier in the year - making opportunities plentiful.


The snow must go on. November and December.

While seasonal jobs and low skilled roles are in demand, the beginning of winter marks the start of fewer permanent job opportunities. Hiring managers put off recruitment and hiring tasks until the following year in lieu of other commitments, at what’s arguably the busiest time of year.

If you’re serious about scoring your next opportunity, this is another great time to plan and prepare for when the Christmas hustle and bustle subsides. So don't give up if it's not the best time to look for a job when you're ready. Invest the time to then to increase your chances for winning that key position!