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29 September 2023

Understanding the talent landscape through tech

Within the UK we utilise Horsefly, a market-leading talent analytics tool, that provides real-time worker insights, we will work with you to undertake searches for multiple roles to identify where we can provide the talented professional you require.

Horsefly can produce the following data sets:

  • Salary Data – providing accurate salary data for almost any skill set across the UK
  • Labour Supply & Demand – providing experience, skill level and gender statistics
  • University Insights – Identifying which institutions provide the skills and qualities you require to allow early engagement opportunities
  • Company Movement – See where the talent you’re looking for is currently employed and which companies they move to as part of their career progression
  • Career Path Analysis Data – See the career paths employees take from a specific job title and additionally identify which job titles have led to a current role allowing you to hire for the future


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