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We are committed to carrying out our business in a safe, honest and ethical manner. Part of that is creating an open and supportive environment where people feel that they can speak up about any suspected wrongdoing.

Acorn by Synergie has a reporting hotline whereby people can raise concerns in a confidential manner. This is called the Synergie Integrity Line and it can be accessed by clicking here.

Concerns can by raised by our employees, temporary and permanent candidates, clients, suppliers and partners.

This reporting process is not applicable to personal complaints and these should be raised under our Complaints Procedure. The type of concerns that could be reported via the Integrity Line include:

·         Breaches of the law

·         Bribery and corruption

·         Failure to comply with regulations

·         Fraud, theft or financial irregularity

·         Endangering health & safety

·         Unethical or improper conduct including an abuse of position or authority

·         Labour exploitation 

Reports must be made in good faith and cannot be malicious or misleading.

Further information regarding how to raise a concern can be found on the Integrity Line platform.