Escentual provides its worldwide customers luxurious beauty products in the fast-moving world of e-retail.

They’re seriously passionate about creating an enhanced customer experience, with incredible service, innovation, and integrity at the heart of everything they do.

Although, the Company grows year on year, it still has a family feel for all of its employees. They often have an 'all hands on deck' approach to project development, where everyone’s opinions are valued since they are all purchasers of beauty products! Due to this, they all work collaboratively, with a great team spirit and actively seek out employees ideas on innovation!

You will be part of a very passionate team with the autonomy and influence to really see how your role personally impacts the business.

Why Escentual

For over 20 years, Escentual internal ambition has been to exceed expectations, especially for their team. When they feel an employee can be a team member for life; they hire.

You get a diverse mix of people when the worlds of technology, supply chain, design and editorial collide.

For Escentual, this wide range of talent working under one roof is the secret to it's success; it’s what makes Escentual so unique. Their multi-skilled team are hardworking, collaborative and innovative – and it just so happens, they're behind one of the most celebrated beauty e-commerce sites in the country!

Escentual Fun Facts 

  • CEO, Rakesh founded the website in his parent’s garage back in 2000 and built Escentual from the ground up.
  • In 2015, London Stock Exchange‘s landmark list of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain named us as one of the fastest-growing beauty retailers.
  • After 20 years of sustained growth, Escentual remains a family-owned business without an investor in sight.
  • Over 190 of the world’s leading beauty brands such as DIOR, GUERLAIN and Yves Saint Laurent trust us to retail their products.
  • Escentual list more than 6,500 products and approximately on their website; over 442,944 items are held in their 35,575 sq ft warehouse on-site - which is equivalent to the size of 118 Cardiff buses.
  • Last year, they shipped over 431,910 orders globally. 1 million customers in over 100 countries across 5 continents.
  • From operations to development, every day, over 75 employees (including 3 sets of siblings, 1 couple and 1 father and daughter) help execute daily goals and make an impact on customers, and each other.
Opportunities at Escentual 

Are you ready to change the future of Escentual?

Twenty years in the business calls for innovation, and we're looking for talented Software Developers and Business Analysts to lead the change and expand Escentual's influence in our industry. You won't be a cog in a machine - Escentual have many opportunities and challenges ahead, and here is where you can make a difference.

Don't be fooled by their interface, Escentual are a lot bigger than you think, and ideas for the future are even bigger. Developers are changing the lives of consumers and the team; most recently, they implemented a workflow management system that radicalised the communication
and efficiency of internal growing teams.

The talent has been shaped by all sorts of education paths, work and life experiences. Escentual are diverse; the team have studied everything from computer science and accounting through to journalism and business studies – and the best thing is, if you’ve got an interest in a certain area and you’re a passionate self-starter, there’s opportunity to learn and grow in all sorts of areas of the business.

What Escentual staff say

"In my spare time, I set up my own beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog and a few months ago took the plunge to change my career by doing something I’m truly passionate about and this is when I started working for Escentual as a copywriter. I write the product descriptions for the website and love finding out about all the latest beauty products, this really is my dream job and the best advice I can give someone starting out their career is that it’s okay to not ‘know’ what you want to do early on in your career, sometimes it’s about trying new things and gaining experience to lead you to something you’re truly passionate about.’’ 

Elisabeth Rilatt, CC Assistant

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