For many the beginning of a New Year prompts the want, or need, to start looking for a new job.  Are you one of the thousands of people who will be reviewing your skills, and brushing up on your interview technique in an attempt to make 2017 your year?


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Christina Harris, Digital Marketing Executive based at our Head Office, shares her thoughts about what you should think about when looking for a new job. Christina manages the jobseeker’s experience on our website ensuring all visitors can find the jobs they’re looking for.

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I’ve worked for Acorn for nearly four years, and throughout this time I’ve seen a development in what people are looking for when searching for a new job or their next career move, and the different benefits the companies we work with have to offer.

Money isn’t the only factor you should consider when looking for a new job anymore. Training opportunities, travel, flexible working hours, location – these are just a few things to consider what is important to you, which will allow you to prioritise what jobs to apply for.

To help you with your job search, I’ve outlined some criteria you may want to think about when looking for a new role:

1. Location, location, location

Take a note out of Kirstie and Phil’s book; location is key! Are you prepared to commute or do you want a job that is quite literally on your door step? It’s up to you how far you’re prepared to travel to work, and by what means, e.g. car, bike, bus or train. So, when starting your job hunt, have an idea of the areas you would be happy to travel to and start your search from there.

2. Do you have the X Factor?

Are you utilising the skills you have? A new job may inspire a career change, so evaluate your qualities, assess your goals and jump at new opportunities whilst still inspired by your New Year resolutions.

3. Inspired by the Celebrity Jungle?

Whilst I’m sure many of you would love an added benefit of travelling to Australia within your next job, this benefit doesn’t come across as often as we’d like. What we can take from Ant and Dec and their celebrity friends however is a number of questions to consider:

 a) What surroundings do you want work in? Construction and IT are key growing industries in the UK providing great career prospects, but they offer very different benefits in terms of their physical working environments. Do you want to work in a newly refurbished office, on a construction site, in a hotel or warehouse? The choice is yours.

b) What drives you? Whilst none of our jobs offer “Dingo Dollars”, many of the companies we work with offer great bonus and rewards schemes. If you’re motivated by targeted objectives you could really thrive in a sales or customer service environment.  Alternatively you may just want to work with a friendly team. The job description will give you an idea of what benefits the job offers and an idea of the company culture, so take a read through all the information available to see if a particular job is for you.

 c) Do you crave flexibility? Flexible working is becoming one of the most important factors when searching for a new job, and employers can see how valuable it is to ensuring people are happy at work. A number of our clients offer flexible working hours, different shift patterns, opportunities to work from home and in different locations, so if you need some flexibility make sure to add this to your priority list when assessing which roles to apply for

4. You're hired - but what's next? 

When applying for a new position, think about where you want to be in five or ten years’ time.  If like Sir Alan Sugar’s latest Apprentices, career progression is key, look out for benefits such as training and career plans in the job description. Of course, don’t be afraid to ask a potential employer about training opportunities whilst at an interview – they’ll be impressed by your drive and want to make sure you’re still working for them in ten or even twenty years’ time.

At Acorn, I’ve already seen a massive increase in visitors to our website in January, if you want advice on your CV or are on the hunt for a new job, give Acorn a call on 01633 660 000.

Christina Harris joined Acorn in 2013 as a Digital Marketing Assistant via Jobs Growth Wales before becoming an Apprentice, attaining a NVQ Level 3 in Customer Service.  

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