How staff revolts are shaking up the IT recruitment landscape

David Sadler, Acorn's Head of IT & Digital, discussed a more altruistic approach to employee engagement with Computer Weekly this week. 

As staff at tech giants Microsoft, Google and Amazon continue to speak out about pressing social issues, pressure is growing on firms to better align themselves with their employees on ethics.

Business leaders are facing growing pressure from employees to consider their personal values, beliefs and ideas when it comes to setting corporate priorities.

In all these cases, staff are standing up to their employers about issues they believe should top the business agenda. Amazon, in particular, has seen growing employee activism.

Hiring in a politically charged climate

Increasingly, people want to work for companies that align with their own moral compass. According to a report from LinkedIn, 71% of professionals would take a pay cut for a company with a mission they believed in and shared values. Also, 39% would quit if their employee asked them to do something they believed to be unethical. So how does this affect IT recruitment?

David Sadler, head of IT at Acorn Recruitment, says differentiators such as social value and responsibility will be paramount to source and retain the best workforce as demand for more IT workers increases.

“It is important for companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry, and adding an element of social value and shared responsibility into the job offer mix really can make a difference,” he says.

“There are so many jobs available in the sector that those who work in IT really do have the power to pick and choose companies that align with their own principles – which is why you will see many businesses that are now reliant on technology and a millennial workforce are increasing benefits such as enhanced parental leave, flexible working, paid qualifications and introducing more corporate responsibility initiatives using a more altruistic approach to employee engagement.”

Read the full story here at Computer Weekly.

'Adding an element of social value and shared responsibility into the job offer mix really can make a difference.'
David Sadler
Head of IT Recruitment
Dave heads up Acorn's IT & Digital Division. Throughout his career he has set up various Development and Software teams from scratch and as a result works closely with the Welsh Government, educational organisations and the wider IT community to help shape the future of the IT industry.
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