CITB funded project, managed by Encon and run in partnership with a number of organisations in the sector including Acorn, CCHA, HBF and Chrawae Teg, the scheme is addressing recruitment problems in construction by bringing more women into the industry.

It will offer free agile organisation and unconscious bias training as well as mentorship for 50 women, whilst actively supporting career changers and their host companies to introduce flexible working arrangements that will ultimately widen the talent pool.

The project is pan-Wales and focuses on three key trades – plastering, painting and decorating, and labour & plant.

The Career Changers
Why get involved? What is the impact?

Your involvement clearly demonstrates that your business is inclusive, diverse and forward-thinking. Your willingness to address the need to increase more women working in trade roles will position you as an organisation creating tangible social value.

We can help you to transform outdated perceptions of who should do what job, and inspire future generations looking to work in construction. Together we will tackle industry skills shortages with inclusivity front and centre.

How will it work?

In each session, 20 women or ‘career changers’ will be matched with 20 host employers.

The career changers will go through a recruitment and assessment process managed entirely by Acorn, before they are matched with host employers interested in the programme. Each employer then commits to offer one year’s work (minimum) to the career changer. Their training is fully funded and coordinated by the programme and its partners — including plant training, CSCS, asbestos awareness and any other required preparation.

  • Placements will begin in September, though plant work is slightly more flexible.
  • Employers are required to pay at least the national living wage (£8.21 per hour).

Our career changers will complete a plant apprentice with ARC academy during the programme, which will require them to have done a day of release offsite.

What stage are we at now?

The programme has already recruited committed individuals that are ready to be placed. Some career changers have already matched with their host employers and have begun work on-site.

See what partners and participants think of the programme in the video above.


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